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Finger food catering
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Immerse yourself in a taste experience that will tantalize your senses. Our catering team in Hanover creates innovative finger food creations that will turn your event into a culinary highlight. Discover the perfect combination of taste and presentation to delight your guests. Give your event in Hanover a special touch of excellence with our unique finger food catering!

/ Miniatures for finger lickers /

From hand to mouth

Turn your event into a culinary happening, whether in Lower Saxony or Hanover. Our finger food creations such as hearty cocktail bites, creative canapés or French canapés are a stylish treat that your guests are guaranteed to be licking their fingers for. It’s a risk you should take when catering.

The fact that finger food creations are so popular is explained historically on the one hand by the human longing for originality. After all, people particularly like to feed from hand to mouth. His sense of touch is challenged and thus prepares a special pleasure, but the small and fine specialties according to recipes from all countries of the world are finely tuned in taste and are only good when real professionals create them. This means that a great deal of sensitivity is also required in the professional kitchen.

/ Our offer /

With the finger food offer from Berrymans
your event will be a culinary success

Fantasies in the size of chocolates

Variety focaccia, vegetarian mini quiche or even New York Cheesecake and much more.

Finger food buffet for gourmets

A finger food buffet is a delicate arrangement of artfully presented, small delicacies that enchant with refined flavors and exquisite ingredients.

We take care
around everything

The planning of the right dishes, the organization and set-up on site, the execution and dismantling...

/ Creative Culinary /

We have put together some finger foods for you.

  • Chicken saté with sesame crunch
  • Pink roast beef on roast potato salad with coriander remoulade in a jar of wine
  • Mini Focaccia with Parma ham, provolone cheese and arugula
  • Shrimp Salsa Verde
  • Smoked salmon tartare with cucumber and dill in a pretzel roll
  • Scarfed goat cheese thaler with herb honey and arugula
  • Small Italian tomato quiche with arugula
  • Oriental falafel balls on spicy bulgur with mint dip
  • Mini Anti Pasti
  • New York – Cheesecake with mango topping
  • Mini tartelette salted caramel
  • Crème brûlée of the tonka bean
  • Mousse of original beans chocolate with marinated berries
  • Vegan coconut panna cotta with passion fruit puree


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/ FAQ /

We give answers

Finger food is suitable for any occasion. Whether as an appetizer at the reception, as a small snack during the conference break or as an accompaniment during your entire event. Because finger foods are so versatile, ranging from simple appetizers to exquisite miniature dishes, the selection can be customized depending on the occasion.

We recommend the following for the quantity you need:

3 to 5 parts per person as an aperitif / reception

6 to 8 pieces per person as a small snack

9 to 12 pieces per person as a snack

13 to 18 parts per person as a full meal

Our finger food pieces are sized to be eaten in 1 to 2 bites.

Yes, you can get your fill from finger food. The prerequisite is that enough parts per person are planned. Your timing of the event also has a particular impact on this, because the longer the event goes or the more breaks you have during your meeting, the more parts need to be planned to get full.

In short, the difference is the definition. Canapés are slices of bread cut into small pieces and topped. While finger food includes any food that can be eaten with / from the hand. Thus, canapés are a subset of finger foods.

/ Procedure of the request /

Your request in 3 simple steps

1. make request

Contact us via the contact form or give us a call.

2. we make contact

At a meeting or during a phone call we discuss in detail your wishes and ideas.

3. offer received

Our team will make you a fair offer for your finger food menu. Should there be any change requests or questions afterwards, this is of course no problem.

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